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So, it would appear that sometime during the past six years of creating and raising babies, while focusing my residual time and energy on retaining hands-on skills in saving human lives, I have slipped into technological cluelessness.  The internet has left me for dead.

I want to write.  I have a lot of conversations with a lot of people, and the common theme of them all is that we are not talking freely enough about the things that matter the most.  It is increasingly difficult to disseminate ideas outside of our sphere of comfort.  We’re all orbiting around mirrors of our own opinions. 

This was how it came to be that I was mucking around on WordPress, trying to figure out how the whole thing works.  A personal experiment to discover whether the thoughts and information I share in my daily life is useful to others in written form.  My working title was a bit of a laugh.  No numbers or abbreviations to tie me down, I was rapt to be sailing across the learning curve under the name of ‘Title of my sex tape’.  Time enough to figure out something mature and sensible.

It appealed to my sense of humour, springing into my head as a much laughed at joke from Brooklyn 99. It became mashed up with my penchant for having the tough conversations about sex, life, death, religion, politics, and everything in between.  I toyed with carrying it through.

The further I worked through what I was wanting to focus on, the more unwieldly the title became.  What was I trying to say with it? Would anyone get it? Time to bin it.  What are you really trying to write about here woman? Anything and Everything.  Both sides of a problem.  Making the difficult accessible.

That felt better.  Anything and Everything: Making the difficult accessible.  Sensible.  Mature.  Not apt to be confused with a porn site.

Carefully checking (at least 10 times) that I had removed all trace of Title of my Sex Tape, I proceeded to confirm the domain.   Remember how I said that the internet has left me for dead?

Somehow, I have managed to register (legit paid for and everything) a blog called:

Anything and Everything @titleofmysextape.com

So yeah…


Fuck* it.  I’m gonna run with it.

Because it’s a laugh.  Because it’s memorable.  Because I get to write things like ‘Coming From Both Sides @titleofmysextape.com’ and be writing about politics or social inequality.

Because I am certain AF that I do NOT actually have a sex tape anywhere in the universe.

Let’s begin.



*Mum, Dad.  It’s time you knew.  I swear like a sailor and have since I was 12.  Love you. Xx


  1. Excellent Alice! The warped bastard side of me can’t wait to see the next installment and see what random ideologies and commentaries come under your next working title. Lol

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  2. Looking forward to reading your talented tales Alice. They have just the right mix- thought provoking, humorous, laced with blatant common sense! 😊

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  3. Yes! You are truly gifted in writing opinion pieces that get us thinking and chewing the fat. I am so excited to see you develop a name for yourself as a blogger and look forward to your next witty, yet topical piece of writing. Bring on the next episode in your sextape😂

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